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Future Path LogoFuture Path represents a group of people whose primary aim is to bring concepts of sustainable futuristic living into the public view. It is the belief of Future Path that problems which plague modern society can be overcome. Over-population, damaged ecosystems, devaluation of nature, replacement of humans by technology, even unemployment and violence can all be addressed by a serious change in the direction of collective human behavior. Sustainable energy use and a resource based economy are the primary tenets.

As more and more information is preserved on line and made available, everything from human communication and interaction to the economy will feel the profound impact. Future Path seeks to predict the technological advances which can lead to sustainable living.

Existing problems will not be simple to overcome. Sustainability can only be achieved through the concerted effort of farsighted leaders and innovators who can inspire large groups of people to action. Finding workable solutions will involve raising awareness and increasing education.

The social system can be altered only by consistently applying the best findings of science and technology to the structures we build, the food we eat, the ways we travel and communicate with each other. Future Path sees the goal as a society where humans, technology and nature can coexist in harmonic and dynamic equilibrium.

Resources which Future Path will provide include:

  • summaries of important white papers
  • pertinent university research
  • summaries of studies and journal articles
  • profiles of people who are leaders in the field of futuristics
  • links to significant organizations

Future Path is a website dedicated to popularisation of practical futuristic concepts. Our aim is to promote awareness of sustainable future and encourage research and development ideas in fields of communication, technology and science. If you are interested in becoming a contributor or would like to speak to us about a potential partnership please get in touch via our online form.

Our Sponsors

We are a non-for-profit organisation and rely on generosity of our sponsors to operate.
All sponsorship levels are currently available. To learn more about sponsorship benefits please click here.

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