Act NOW to Reign in Global Warming

global warmingGreenhouse gas emissions have been the major cause of Global Warming and other environmental changes in the Earth. Global warming is soon going to be above the danger mark unless steps are taken on a war footing to arrest it. The latest research and findings have proved that controlling these emissions to prevent serious environmental and climatic changes to the Earth before it is too late will be challenging and difficult in spite of the best efforts put in. The study adds that the present targets set to reduce temperature rise fall way below to keep it to safe levels. Immediate action on emergency footing backed by continuous monitoring to ensure drastic reductions through the century is urgently required. The slightest delay in taking action will lead to a huge expenditure in the future and will necessitate the use of technology, which is not proven and could further worsen the situation. Time is to start acting Now!

The direct impact and relation of greenhouse emissions to climatic changes till the end of the century was released online today in Nature Climate Change. This report was studied in detail by climate scientist Joeri Rogeli and his team of ETH Zurich. They looked in detail about published simulation models available and found 193 studies that had low technology cost but at the same time kept Global warming below 2°C . These model simulations were done with three major inputs likely to affect and produce greenhouse gas emissions by the society. One was the technology advancement speed impacting efficient fuel utilisation and consumption. The second was total reserves of fossil fuels available and finally the research and development of alternative energy and renewable fuels. Finally a simple climatic model was simulated by inputting the findings from the all the research, the result of which estimated the probability of avoiding a dangerous warming situation.

The findings from the studies have shown that decision makers have to act swiftly and on a war footing to meet the difficult times to reduce greenhouse gases. Reasonable and valid measures with a high probability to succeed see emissions to peak in the decade and then have an instantaneous and steep decline by 2020, which is less by half of the emissions in 2050. Global warming below the danger levels were likely to succeed in only three out of the 193 examples researched. These too would require investment and technology in energy systems to reduce greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and at the same time store carbon dioxide generated into the ground and generates bio fuels as an alternative source of energy.

Climate scientist Neil Edwards of The Open University in Milton Keynes, U.K says there are a very few options looking at the development and future the World wants. Rogeli and Neil agree about accuracy and deviations in the simulation modelling and its effects specifically socially and technology. One thing Neil Edwards is absolutely clear and certasin about is that Cutting edge technology and innovation is a must to reign in Global Warming even though it might not guarantee success.

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