Black hole is super massive: A scientific thought

Black holeBlack hole has been the mysterious fact that people have found hard to understand. Black hole is assumed to have a huge mass. Since there is a concept of black hole, it is pretty much necessary to come with the fact that there is something called a black hole. Apart from the concept of black hole being the super massive in structure and absorbing all the substances what comes in the region of it, it is believed that neutron stars which are popularly known as pulsars orbit around it.

These pulsars not only orbit around the black hole but these stars have a nature of radiating radio pulses while orbiting around the black hole. The black hole is believed to be present at the center of the Milky Way. The mass of the black hole is believed to be so high that it is compared with the mass of the 4 million suns. The period with which the pulsars radiate the radio pulses can really be meaning full in deciding the mass of the black hole according to the Astrophysical Journal published by the astronomers.

According to physics since the black hole is present in the middle of the galaxy Milky Way hence it can have heavy gravitational force so there are chances that the pulsars may break away from their track. Anything can be possible when the orbits are related to the mass of the black hole and the pulses from the pulsars may be seen going with a great speed or going with a very low speed as seen from the earth. Through this principle scientists have been able to find the mass and spin rate of Sagittarius A* but it is not very accurate. The things would be pretty clear when the pulsars come under the gravity and the square kilometer array online.

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