Communication Development And Society

Communication DevelopmentTechnology has changed what people think of when they think of the word “communication”. Communication used to arrive as part of a generic package. Phone, television, long distance communications, newspapers politics, sports, finance information, editorials and even the comics are things that used to be accessed via separate channels can now be accessed through technology like the Internet.

Another way technology has changed communication, especially with regards to media communication, is in matters of measuring one’s audience. If an advertiser placed an ad on in a daily newspaper that had a circulation of 500,000 or a TV broadcast watched by millions, you didn’t consider the readers who only purchased the paper for the sports section, or the viewers who left during commercials for a bathroom break. Some newspapers exaggerated circulation figures by assuming that each paper was read by 2 or 3 different people.

Thanks to technology, communication vendors can know exactly how many viewers have looked at a specific web page. Communication measuring technology via websites can also let a communication provider know exactly how many people who saw that page have clicked on any ads. Most communication sites can even know just how many who clicked an ad also made a purchase. The audience using the communication technology can be tracked. You can know what page the user was coming from and went to; you know what search terms they were using; you know what country they are in, how high the specifications of the computer used to access this information is and depending on how much data they’re providing, a whole lot more besides. Truly, technology has radically altered how communication forever.


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