Interactive Ways to Learn about the Earth and the Future

Great Features of Google Earth

Google Earth is an interactive program that offers individuals an opportunity to discover virtual maps and globes, as well as substantial pieces of information about the planet and its geography. It was originally referred to as the EarthViewer 3D, which was developed by a CIA-funded company called Keyhole, and was eventually acquired by Google.

Interactive Ways to Learn about the Earth and the Future

planet earthGoogle Earth enables users to discover the planet’s compositions such as the oceans, atmosphere, and ecosystem. It also equips individuals with an in-depth knowledge of climate change, as they can explore the impacts of global climate on all life forms on earth. For instance, Google Earth features discussions on deforestations, climate change, as well as solutions for mitigation and adaptation based in the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen.
The program also provides relevant information on the sky, moon, and celestial bodies. It contains live images of constellations, galaxies, and movements of the planets. Moreover, users can listen to astronomy podcasts or read informative celestial research from authority sources.
Google Earth Outreach, which is one of Google’s programs, is dedicated to supporting non-profit institutions in spreading global awareness to the public. This feature also provides online training on how to use Google Earth for educating the public on issues that affect the entire planet. In June 2008, about 20 indigenous tribes including the Surui of the Amazon rainforest were given an educational training about deforestation. The purpose of this training is to provide practical tips on how these people can protect their territory and preserve their culture.
With Google Earth, anyone can learn more about the historical landmarks, geography, and facts about the earth and outer space. All images, audio, and visual materials are obtained from authority and expert sources, so users can rely on the quality of information gathered from this program.

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