Extracted Ground Water is Another Cause of Rising Sea Levels

coastal areaA gradual increase in the level of sea water has forced scientists to analyse the probable causes inducing the particular event. Some scientists perceive this situation as a consequence of global climate change, while others point out at the melting ice caps as the main culprit responsible for encouraging this situation. Whatever the reason is; no doubt, speedy disappearance of the glaciers and ice caps is one of the major contributors to this problem. Apart from that, a prolonged observation of the matter (rising sea levels) showed that sea water level rose around 1.8 millimeters every year during the second half of the last century. After further analysis of the extracted data it became clear that out of the total amount of increased sea water level, 1.1 millimeters water rose per year due to the melting ice caps and glaciers. Apparently the next concern which aroused their curiosity was to find out the source of the rest of the water. Scientists undertook a new study. The unveiled fact from the study tells a lot about the normal human behaviour.

A group of researchers reporting in the nature Geoscience explained the whole matter. The finding confirms that the extra rise in the level of sea water, which is not being generated by the melting ice caps and the glaciers, might be triggered by the extracted ground water. The reason described by the scientists sounded quite justified.

People around the world actually use immense quantity of ground water. For example, it is used for industrial processes, agriculture and even for simple residential use. A particular portion of ground water finds its way back to the ground through aquifers. Other part of it goes into the tributaries and rivers and ultimately is captured in the natural as well as manmade reservoir. But unfortunately, most part of it ends up meeting into the ocean through the rivers and streams, and follows the cycle of the nature. There is no doubt about the fact that water is a huge part of human’s life. But many people do not even realize that how speedily a large quantity of ground water is being wasted during their normal day-to-day activities. So, it becomes crystal clear that this excess level of extracted ground water is another contributor to the problem of rising sea levels.

Scientists were already concerned about melting ice caps and the significant changes in weather caused by global warming; and now the problem of rising level of sea water is here to accompany their stress. They have expressed serious concern regarding the factors such as melting glaciers and uncontrolled human behaviour. The problem of global warming was sufficient enough to invite many natural catastrophes. This recent revelation has forced them to analyse the impact of extracted ground water on the rising sea levels and its future implications. According to the research result, the impact of ground water on the sea level rise is approximately 0.77 millimeters per year, which is quite a big number. This amount has increased between the year 1963 and 2003. The researchers look forward for further analysis of the situation and hope to produce more accurate measurement in the near future

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