Insights Into The Elusive Green Arhitecture

green arhitectureFor most individuals, the thought of green arhitecture is an elusive dream and whose future remains unknown. However, over the years, this technological idea has been implemented to become a reality. All over the world, countries are coming up with unique and intriguing designs and which are worth mentioning. In the middle East, Dubai, which is one the fastest rising economies have adopted this rare technology. With all the cash and expertise to implement such a program, they have built a 10MW tower and which is aimed to note only propel the country to a new frontier in tourism but also make it one of the few nations with such magnificent, unimaginable height, flashy fa├žade and an Athena in the crowded skies.

However, what most people do not understand is the fact that this skyscraper is an eco-machine and which not only helps to propel green arhitecture as a design model but also offers immense environmental benefits. with a height of up to 1969 ft, A-shaped design , it is able to generate essential energy to power approximately 4000 homes. It is able to accomplish this fete through the use of three distinct systems: a wind turbine with a capacity of 5 mega-watts and located in the hollows is able to generate immense energy; it has mirrors which reflect light energy on the salt-filled collectors which hang on the building. These salts transfer heat trapped from the environment into a convection loop and which propels a 3 MW steam turbine while an additional 2 MW solar turbine generates additional energy .

With an estimated budget of $400 million, this green arhitecture plan if adopted would be able to clear of its debt within a period of 20 years given the high energy production capability. With such outstanding returns, different individuals are looking into conceptualizing this amazing technology. Only time will tell!

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