Life Expectancy & Income over 200 Years

life and wealthIn this riveting and informative video Professor Hans Rosling presents an interactive, animated graph of Life Expectancy vs Average Wealth of the world’s countries over the last 200 years. The data is very interesting and starts in 1810 when the entire world was very poor and unhealthy, with a life expectancy of below 40. The graph is then animated through history, showing how the industrial revolution had a great impact on the wealth and health of the Western world but leaving the rest of the world, particularly Asia and Africa, far behind. As the graph moves through the 20th Century it demonstrates the devastating impacts that both the First and Second World Wars had on the countries involved. The video ends with the most current data, showing a converging world towards high life expectancy and high income. Professor Rosling ends optimistically by suggesting that he can envisage a world were every country is both healthy and wealthy.

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