Predictions Of Human Technological And Communicational Advancements

TechnologyMany people ponder what the the future of technology will bring. Even looking at the advances in technology that have been made over the past century, it is impossible to conceive of exactly what future technology might even be like. For example, some predict that preventative medicine will advance to using genetic therapy, and that the will even be available to help a child still in the womb. Other say that cloning human organs or operating on your DNA will be a common medical procedure.

Perhaps the greatest advances in future technology will be focused on the manipulation of matter at the purely atomic level. Engineers might be able to combine elements and make custom-built molecules in order to create heretofore undreamed of materials or medicines.

Communication technology will most certainly improve by leaps and bounds. Some experts see an even greater push to using wireless connections. Some think that the 3D technology currently used in motion pictures will be commonplace in every home. Perhaps virtual reality will finally take off, allowing friends, family members and even business to interact with people who seem to be present but are actually elsewhere.

Others predict the invention of some sort of method of analyzing, storing and retrieving personal information or even your entire life’s history via some sort of biological and technological implant. An expert Disney Imagineer recently predicted that a rudimentary Internet connectivity implant could be made available within the next quarter century. This implant, it was theorized, would allow people to understand any written language, calculate any equation, and even keep abreast of the latest news and weather conditions, while communicating near-telepathically with other people– all with a tiny chip or group of microscopic machines that live inside the body. Technology taken for granted today started with similar dreams.

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