PZ Myers’ Famous Writings On Modern Science

PZ Myers’ Famous Writings On Modern Science

PZ MyerPaul Zachary Myers, also known simply as “PZ” or “PZ Myers”, was born in March of 1957. PZ Myers is an associate biology professor at the United States of America’s most renowned biology studies at the University of Minnesota Morris (which is commonly abbreviated as UMM). PZ Myers is also the author of the influential science website and online journal Pharyngula. He is studying zebra-fish under the the scientific category of evolutionary developmental biology (commonly shortened to “evo-devo”). PZ Myers has also been a lifelong outspoken public critic of the intelligent design theory as well as the creationist movement in general. He is known in scientific circles as a tireless activist in the ongoing creationist and evolutionary controversy.

While his published work via Pharyngula has includes many essays and articles that discuss the latest breaking science research and the role of science in modern media, Pharyngula has become especially well-known for its solid and unrelenting criticism of intelligent design. The journal has featured several exposes written by PZ Myers that document the many attempts to insert intelligent design into mainstream science education. Pharyngula has been ranked as the third-most-read online science journal maintained by a biology professor. Other accolades includes his work with Pharyngula winning the 2005 Koufax Award for Best Expert Blog. Additionally, the influential science analysis journal Nature has honored PZ Meyer’s Pharyngula the distinction of being ranked as the top online blog written by a scientist.

PZ Myer’s Pharyngula has its beginnings as an in-classroom experiment in conducting writing instructions for class. After the classroom writing project was finished, PZ still retained the website publishing software, and decided to use it himself. Pharyngula was named after his favorite stage in embryonic development, which is the pharyngula stage. Pharyngula became a part of the ScienceBlogs group under the umbrella of science publisher Seed Magazine Group, LLC in late 2005. Via Pharyngula, PZ Myers has continually written criticisms of organizations such as the Answers in Genesis, the Discovery Institute and scores of creationist writers. He has also written detailed criticisms on critiques of Intelligent Design theory. He makes the dissertation that the claims of Intelligent Design are nothing but pseudoscience. Other essays on Pharyngula he has authored cover a wide range of topics. These topics include invertebrates, cephalopods, science research, genetics, religion, climate change, international politics, debates that involve science and education, sociology, evolutionary developmental biology and superstition


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