Rainbow Warrior Project: The Past And The Future

Rainbow Warrior 3The planet Earth is in dire need of help. From pollution on land and in the sea to the harming and killing of animals, damage to this world is on the increase. It is now vital to the planet’s survival that people band together and make serious changes. Greenpeace is an Australian organization that uses nonviolent means to promote the environment’s well-being. Founded in 1977, they now have approximately 2.8 million supporters. One of Greenpeace’s key campaigns is the Rainbow Warrior.

The Rainbow Warrior is the flagship of Greenpeace. The original ship was named after a Native American prophecy, which states that “the Rainbow Warriors” will come to save the sick Earth when animals and plants begin to die. Serving as a beacon for peace and a clean environment, the ship has even gone so far as to confront and come between dangerous whalers and their innocent prey. Unfortunately, the Rainbow Warrior was bombed in 1985 during its campaign to stop nuclear testing off the Pacific Ocean. Photographer Fernando Pereira died because of the horrible act of violence.

Since the tragedy, a second Rainbow Warrior has come into being, Greenpeace having converted it from an old steam-powered fishing ship; however, due to the age of the Rainbow Warrior II, maintenance is now impractical. So the Rainbow Warrior III campaign is currently happening. Greenpeace plans to build this ship using the highest of technological equipment in order to produce a truly environment-friendly vessel. They are looking for supporters to donate money to the cause.

People who believe in the Rainbow Warrior’s cause can donate at this website: https://www.greenpeace.org.au/secure/appeal/rainbowwarrior/index.php?src=UP. Being an independent organization, Greenpeace needs help. Enough contributions will allow the noble vessel Rainbow Warrior III to sail the seas and proudly continue its mission of peace and world preservation.


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